Avital 4103LXL Review

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Avital 4103LXLAvital 4103LXL Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote is one of the remote control systems that is produced by DEI, a company more renown of its production of car alarms and protection of autos against theft or burglary, but this model of remote control unit has also proven to be efficient and one of their finest works.

It’s main features are that it is waterproof up to the depth to one meter and it is made to be durable and resilient in any type of environment because it is designed from firm and strong materials especially selected for this very purpose. This device is also equipped with rotating lens with laser line, instant recording switch, awesome high definition video and it is easy to use once it has been installed in the automobile.

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The main and most important feature of Avital 4103LXL of starting up the car can be found handy in winter times such as these, because the low temperatures require the motor to preheat to a certain degree in order to function and perform more properly, but one of the cons for this system is that it doesn’t have an indicator to show when the car has started the engine and this can especially be an annoyance for the owners with cars without headlights. This model also has the feature to stop the engine from igniting, useful when prevention an unauthorized use of the vehicle or for theft prevention. The device also enables keyless entry to the vehicle that can be also found practical.

Here are some great features of the Avital 4103LXL:

Despite the troubles of installation of Avital 4103LXL system in the car, the function of this remote start system is flawless and easy to use, so if the cost for installation doesn’t bother you, this is a model that is worth to consider as a solution for remote control and start of your vehicle.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Avital 4103LXL:

The Avital 4103 Remote start system is an excellent value for the money. Two auxiliary channels plus door lock/unlock are included. This design of remote is more than several years old and has proven its durability. If you have a vehicle that really needs a fortin module, then I would recommend the lower cost crimestopper remote start system. (John M)

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There are many companies in the business for production of automatic remote car systems that today are very commonly used even by the automobile companies to add new features to the car keys, enabling the user to unlock the car doors by just clicking at a button or to remotely flash the lights of the car which makes it convenient for the driver to find the vehicle more easily in dark places.

This is one of the many reasons why the car keys today cost three times as much as they used to before. However there are still older car models that don’t have these features installed in the process of the production and for this purpose the users can install these features by themselves or by hiring a professionals to do this for them if they don’t poses the proper knowledge or if they just don’t have the time or energy to concern themselves with this issues. There are remote systems on the market that even add additional commands to the basic two usually installed in the remote systems of the most cars that enable the user to remotely control other features of the car.

Although Avital 4103LXL is efficient and immaculate in its performance, the installation of this system in the car has proven to be hard and difficult due to the poor written manual that at times can be vague or insufficient at explaining the procedure of installation. Therefore before buying this remote start system, you should consider the amount and the cost for installation and add it to the price of this model, because the installation of this model is not made to be done by the non professional users.


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