Viper 5904 Review

Overall Rating

Available on Amazon for $338 here.

Viper 5904Viper 5904 responder combines all today’s most advanced remote car starter technologies in one device. Not only it gets very clear and long range(1-mile) signal, thanks to the 900MHz Digital Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) but features such as SuperCode technology, 2-Way confirmation, Menu Wheel and Mini-USB Charging Port all make users’ life much easier.

Two features of Viper 5904 that I like most are the Info Center and the Countdown and Parking Meter Timers. Info Center displays the vehicle interior temperature and tells you the remote start run time remaining before the engine turns off. Countdown and parking meter timers keep me away from tickets by emitting warnings at fifteen minutes, five minutes and expiration. What a sweet design!

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I would suggest to hire a professional to install Viper 5904 for you. They are experienced and well trained. You can find them in your local automobile or electronic stores and enjoy the great features of Viper 5904 in no time.

Here are some great features of the Viper 5904:

One more thing to remind you is that you may need a bypass module for your Viper 5904 to be able to function. Again, check with the professionals at your local stores.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Viper 5904:

Best of the best on market. Had it cheapest at amazon. Fast delivery via amazon prime and went to best buy for installation. Saved about 300 on best offer by best buy. Very responsive controller. works like charm. Great item for cold and extremely hot weather. Most cars will need bypass module. runs anywhere from 50 to 100 extra. (hsyedmd)

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