Viper 5904 Review

Overall Rating

Available on Amazon for $338 here.

Viper 5904Viper 5904 responder combines all today’s most advanced remote car starter technologies in one device. Not only it gets very clear and long range(1-mile) signal, thanks to the 900MHz Digital Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) but features such as SuperCode technology, 2-Way confirmation, Menu Wheel and Mini-USB Charging Port all make users’ life much easier.

Two features of Viper 5904 that I like most are the Info Center and the Countdown and Parking Meter Timers. Info Center displays the vehicle interior temperature and tells you the remote start run time remaining before the engine turns off. Countdown and parking meter timers keep me away from tickets by emitting warnings at fifteen minutes, five minutes and expiration. What a sweet design!

Viper 5904 is available on Amazon for an immediate discount of 35%! Click this link to save $176 on this remote car starter!

I would suggest to hire a professional to install Viper 5904 for you. They are experienced and well trained. You can find them in your local automobile or electronic stores and enjoy the great features of Viper 5904 in no time.

Here are some great features of the Viper 5904:

One more thing to remind you is that you may need a bypass module for your Viper 5904 to be able to function. Again, check with the professionals at your local stores.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Viper 5904:

Best of the best on market. Had it cheapest at amazon. Fast delivery via amazon prime and went to best buy for installation. Saved about 300 on best offer by best buy. Very responsive controller. works like charm. Great item for cold and extremely hot weather. Most cars will need bypass module. runs anywhere from 50 to 100 extra. (hsyedmd)

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Python 1401 Review

Overall Rating

Available on Amazon for $89 here.

Python 1401Python 1401 is a long range, remote engine start system with keyless entry. It allows the user to start an engine from up to 2000 feet away, along with hassle free keyless entry. The long range feature is particularly attractive because the car becomes comfortably warm by the time the user reaches the car. Python 1401 includes the very latest in Remote Start technology, including Virtual Tach, D2D and XPRESSPORTTM.

Python 1401 consists of two, five button, 1 way Supercode remotes, the control module installed inside, control center with integrated status LED and control button, a remote start defeat toggle switch and window decals.

This product is available on Amazon for an immediate discount of 68%! Click this link to save $190 on this remote car starter!

The remote system of Python 1401 can be used for 2 cars will full commands. The basic functions of the product are Lock, Unlock, Remote Start and Aux(Trunk). The advanced functions include Silent Lock, Silent Unlock, Runtime Reset, Valet, Panic, Timer Settings, Car Finder, Smart Start, Rear Defogger, Car Select and Pit Stop. The Rear Defogger function automatically turns on the defogger when Remote Start is on. The Valet function prevents the system from automatically activating the Failsafe Starter Kill and locking the door passively. The Panic function can be triggered with the remote to attract attention. This feature is only available if the optional horn honk is connected. In Smart Start function, the engine starts automatically by using the settings of Timer mode and by checking the temperature and voltage. The Pit Stop function allows the vehicle to remain running even after the key has been removed from ignition. This feature is useful when we want to exit the vehicle for short time but want the motor and climatic features to continue running.

Here are some great features of the Python 1401:

Python 1401 has several important safety features installed in it to ensure proper operation and prevent accidental damage of the engine or its components. Some safety features provided in the product are Starter Anti-grind Circuitry, Temporarily Disabling the Remote Start System and Remote Start Safe-Lock. The Starter Anti-grind Circuitry feature is optional and it prevents damage to the starter motor if the key is turned to the start position during Remote Start operation.||Power saver mode is installed in the system. This product does not require any specific maintenance, except that the 3-volt lithium cell battery should be changed when it is low. When the battery begins to weaken, the operating range of the remote is reduced.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Python 1401:

This was an unbelievable price for this item especially with the number of features it has. The product name has a good reputation as far back as I can remember. I used to be an installer for a small company about 15 years ago and not too much has changed as far as installation goes. Newer vehicles have changed a bit but the basics remain the same – this goes for wire colors as well on Viper, Python, Clifford, Avital, generics, etc. (nVeeGreen)

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Python 1401 is reasonably priced with respect to the various features and advanced technology built in the product. This device should be used strictly in compliance with government regulations. This device complies with part 15 of FCC rules and Industry Canada Radio Standards Specification RSS 210. It generates and can radiate radio frequency energy and may cause harmful interference to radio communications, if not installed properly. The device should be used in hand held and hand operated configurations only and its use is authorized on a no-interference, no-protection basis only. Due to the complexity of this product, it is better to install it by an authorized person.

Remote Car Starter Reviews – What to look for

Remote Car Starter Reviews Are Helpful

Remote car starter reviews will give you information about remote car starters, which can have a variety of features. These features can be as simple as activating the ignition, and many systems will include much more advanced features such as locating the vehicle by relaying it’s GPS position to the remote. Remote car starter reviews will usually list features of the system as well as vehicle makes and models that the system works for.

Remote Car Starter Reviews

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Reading Remote Car Starter Reviews

It is helpful to find remote car starter reviews that include the experiences of the users of the particular model. The most simple system will have a car key remote that is only a transmitter, which means that if you cannot see the car from where you press the button, you may not be able to tell if the car has actually started, or if the signal was blocked. By contrast, a 2 way car starter has a remote that is not only a transmitter, but also a receiver. When issuing a command to the car, the car key remote will usually blink or chirp to confirm that the command was run properly. Remote car starter reviews on 2 way car starters will include some of the following features: readout of interior temperature, readout of battery voltage, readout of door condition (open / closed / locked / unlocked), shock sensor alert, readout of hood condition (open / closed), LCD display, signal encryption, extended range, timed start, and more features are being developed all the time.

Remote Car Starter Reviews – More You Need to Know

If you have a factory security system equipped in your car, do not fool yourself into thinking that this keeps your property safe. Many car thieves today have experience defeating factory systems because they have become commonplace. Break a window, pop the hood, cut a wire, splice another, and 30 seconds later the horn is silent and they are free to search the car for your laptop and other electronics. More sophisticated thieves can use scanners to lift the codes used by simple factory systems and then disarm the vehicle at a later date. Most current professional grade 2 way car starters use a layer of encryption on their signals that make scanning for codes less useful. Anyways, check more remote car starter reviews and user experiences before buying is the best way to ensure your get the best one.

Choose Systems That Can Connect to Your Cell Phone

Many remote car starter reviews mention some systems now offer innovative options such as the Viper Remote Starter App for Blackberry. This application interfaces with a module that either connects to an existing Viper system or as standalone unit. The Viper Remote Starter gives the same security as a 2 way car starter, and adds several features such as being able to give you a text message if the alarm is triggered. This system allows keyless entry for car, as well as trunk release and vehicle finder, which remembers the location that you park every time that you lock the vehicle. Viper Remote Starter App for Blackberry also allows for the management of multiple vehicles and drivers, so that you could grant access to another person for a limited time, or have several of your cars controlled by your Blackberry. Viper is not the only company to offer this type of 2 way car starter, so be sure to check remote car starter reviews when you decide to purchase a system.

See If Manufacturers Offer Support In Remote Car Starter Reviews

When considering remote car starter reviews, it is important to discover if the system is intended for the owner to install, or if it will require you to take your vehicle to the dealership or mechanic. Very often, a system manufacturer will not give support to an end user if the system was not installed by a licensed professional. When judging remote car starter reviews, it is also important to consider this fact as well. The modern vehicle is electronic and computer controlled more than ever, and by adding a new piece of hardware (like a remote car starter or other alarm systems for cars) that sometimes “bugs” can be introduced, and in a bad case, this can not only lead to improper function of the system, but could leave you with a dead battery or compromise the safety of the important systems of the vehicle such as Anti-Lock Brakes, airbags and the like.

Who’s Reviewing Is Also Important

When reading remote car starter reviews, take careful attention to who is writing and publishing the review. An automotive magazine is not likely to give a bad review to a product from a company that is one of their main advertisers, or may not review any products that score higher. In today’s world, using Google is a good way to find information about anything. If a remote car starter is a bad product, it will be hard for a company to hide that in the world of blogs and social networking sites.

Remote Car Starter Reviews Mostly on Price and Features

Remote car starter reviews often base their comparison on price and features. Some of the listed features that you may find in remote car starter reviews are: lock / arm alarm, unlock / disarm alarm, remote car start, trunk release, panic / car finder, 2 way key remote, anti-grind, manual transmission safe, alarm notification, LCD display, signal encryption, extended range, timed start, cycled run (run for X minutes every hour), “keep it running” mode (leaves the car on for up to a particular period of time after you exit). When considering remote car starter reviews, what ultimately matters most is which features will be used by you, and if the model you select fits your needs.

An often overlooked source for remote car starter reviews is to investigate reports about the company’s that make the product. If a company makes other good products that last well and work great, then chances are good that even if you have problems with your particular model, then the company is much more likely to service your issue. Remember that a remote car starter is a superb convenience in cold climates, because you are able to warm the engine and defrost the windows from the comfort of the indoors, and is a convenience in hot climates as well. Research the manufacturer well, check out remote car starter reviews, and you will enjoy the safety and convenience of your remote car starter for many years.

Check More Remote Car Starter Reviews And Choose The Best One

Avital 4103LXL Review

Overall Rating

Available on Amazon for $48.99 here.

Avital 4103LXLAvital 4103LXL Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote is one of the remote control systems that is produced by DEI, a company more renown of its production of car alarms and protection of autos against theft or burglary, but this model of remote control unit has also proven to be efficient and one of their finest works.

It’s main features are that it is waterproof up to the depth to one meter and it is made to be durable and resilient in any type of environment because it is designed from firm and strong materials especially selected for this very purpose. This device is also equipped with rotating lens with laser line, instant recording switch, awesome high definition video and it is easy to use once it has been installed in the automobile.

Get an immediate 76% discount on Amazon for Avital 4103LXL Remote Start System – Click on this link to take advantage of this discount!

The main and most important feature of Avital 4103LXL of starting up the car can be found handy in winter times such as these, because the low temperatures require the motor to preheat to a certain degree in order to function and perform more properly, but one of the cons for this system is that it doesn’t have an indicator to show when the car has started the engine and this can especially be an annoyance for the owners with cars without headlights. This model also has the feature to stop the engine from igniting, useful when prevention an unauthorized use of the vehicle or for theft prevention. The device also enables keyless entry to the vehicle that can be also found practical.

Here are some great features of the Avital 4103LXL:

Despite the troubles of installation of Avital 4103LXL system in the car, the function of this remote start system is flawless and easy to use, so if the cost for installation doesn’t bother you, this is a model that is worth to consider as a solution for remote control and start of your vehicle.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Avital 4103LXL:

The Avital 4103 Remote start system is an excellent value for the money. Two auxiliary channels plus door lock/unlock are included. This design of remote is more than several years old and has proven its durability. If you have a vehicle that really needs a fortin module, then I would recommend the lower cost crimestopper remote start system. (John M)

Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here

There are many companies in the business for production of automatic remote car systems that today are very commonly used even by the automobile companies to add new features to the car keys, enabling the user to unlock the car doors by just clicking at a button or to remotely flash the lights of the car which makes it convenient for the driver to find the vehicle more easily in dark places.

This is one of the many reasons why the car keys today cost three times as much as they used to before. However there are still older car models that don’t have these features installed in the process of the production and for this purpose the users can install these features by themselves or by hiring a professionals to do this for them if they don’t poses the proper knowledge or if they just don’t have the time or energy to concern themselves with this issues. There are remote systems on the market that even add additional commands to the basic two usually installed in the remote systems of the most cars that enable the user to remotely control other features of the car.

Although Avital 4103LXL is efficient and immaculate in its performance, the installation of this system in the car has proven to be hard and difficult due to the poor written manual that at times can be vague or insufficient at explaining the procedure of installation. Therefore before buying this remote start system, you should consider the amount and the cost for installation and add it to the price of this model, because the installation of this model is not made to be done by the non professional users.

Remote Car Starter Reviews Overview

Remote Car Starter Reviews Help You Make Wise Decision

Remote car starter reviews have caught up with people like a fever in these days. What could be the reason behind this? Multitasking has become the order of the day and the modern man is running very fast to compete with others. In order to survive in this world of fierce competition one has to seek the help of all the technological advancements available. A technologically advanced remote car starter has become the need of the hour to save time and energy as well as a security measure. Different companies have come up with different types of equipment to cater to the needs of the people.

Read Remote Car Starter Reviews Online for Best Info

There are a number of remote car starter reviews available online and these reviews provide great piece of information to the common people. These car starter reviews deal with the unique features owned by different companies and people have the opportunity to compare different products. Because of the cut throat competition companies have come up with advanced and multipurpose remote car starters. The owners of the vehicles are getting benefited and they can operate the remote control from farther away than ever before. If you want to buy the best one available in the market the remote car starter reviews are the best option.

Remote Car Starter Reviews

In one of the car starter reviews about Viper, the industry leader in this segment, the most advanced features of Viper remote starter have been clearly stated. The review says about the security system attached and also about the user friendly features of the equipment. It also suggests that the product is a perfect combination of style and functionality and the slim and elegant display remote is the most coveted one. Since the text is 20 percentage larger it becomes more legible and also features a liquid crystal display. Knowing the temperature inside before walking into the car makes the passenger comfortable and relaxed and the alarm signal to inform the owner when something happens to the vehicle are added attractions. All these information are available online in various remote car starter reviews.

How Does Two Way Remote Car Starter Function?

These reviews will also make the customer familiar with the recent developments in the field of remote car starter. The two way car starter is a latest development in this category and it gives a totally different dimension to the remote car starter. It makes possible two way communication between the remote and the control module. The car starter sequence gets initiated at the time of pressing the button on the remote by sending the signal to the control module. A signal will be sent back to the remote by acknowledging this command and the module will send a further signal ensuring the smooth functioning of the engine. This novel concept has become a craze with the people because it makes sure the smooth functioning of the engine by sending signals from the control module.

A combination of alarm system for cars and the remote car starter is the unique feature of Viper remote starter. The remote car starter reviews indicate the fact that more and more companies are coming into this segment with novel concepts. Some of the leading players are Bulldog, Galaxy and Astra. The list does not stop with that. There are many other players and some are waiting in the wings too. What makes various remote car starter reviews really unique is the fact that it gives a clear cut picture of these players and their products for the customers. These reviews give a honest opinion about the latest technological advancements and at the same time the opinion of the existing users are also available in the form of reviews. Those opinions will act as guide for a customer before making any decision.

Remote Car Starter Reviews – Major Brands

A clear and honest opinion will definitely be a navigator in the process of purchase. Some of the honest car starter reviews indicate the fact that Viper 5301 Responder LE 2-way Security and Remote Start System, Bulldog Deluxe 500 2-way Remote Starter w/LCD Remote, Viper 5101 Super Code 1-Way Remote Start System, Galaxy 5000RS-2W Remote Starter w/ Full-Featured Alarm, Astra 1000RS-2W-1 Remote Starter with Keyless Entry are leading products in this segment. The unique features of each system have been clearly mentioned in these reviews. For example, if Viper 5301 steals the show with its unique features, marvelous design and great security features, the Bulldog Deluxe is a perfect fit for those who have “Do it yourself” mentality because it demands a bit of awareness in electronics. The Viper 5101 is known for its simplicity and Galaxy 5000RS is famous for its full-featured alarm. Astra1000 RS is known for its variety with LCD remote and Standard Buttons. The pictures of various models from different angles will give the customers a clear idea about the style and design of the products.

Different online agencies are working in this line to make the customers more aware about different types of products from the leading players all over the world. Remote car starter reviews online are not only giving the customers an insight into the special features of different products but also helping the manufacturers to come up with more and more innovative and customer friendly products. The evolution of the most modern car key remote was an inevitable thing because of the advancement of the technology. In this fast moving world innovation is the most often heard word and the world of car starter remote is not an exception. If one needs to get updated with the latest products with most modern technological applications the best option available is to read these remote car starter reviews. That will keep him prepared for making the right decision when a new product arrives.

Remote Car Starter Reviews – Conclusion

The plethora of information coming out of the websites can be confusing and to make the right decision can be a laborious task. If you are making a choice you will have to face the consequence irrespective of the fact that it is good or bad. So the choice assumes an importance of paramount and the financial implications make it tougher. In such a situation the best option available is to seek the help of different remote car starter reviews.

Viper 5902 Review

Overall Rating

Viper 5902

Available on Amazon for $319 here.

Viper 5902The Viper 5902 Responder HD is more than just a security/remote start system. Its HD Status screen has an information center that displays remote start run-time before the engine shuts off and many other information of your vehicle.

The Viper 5902 Responder HD features One-mile range using 900 MHz Spread Spectrum technology custom animations to confirm user commands on the OLED Display.

This remote car starter is available for 55% off on Amazon. Click here to take advantage of this special discount right now!

The Viper 5902 Responder HD is phenomenal. The two way communication paired with remote start works great for anyone.

Here are some great features of the Viper 5902:

The Viper 5902 Responder HD’s remote is very nice. Screen is amazing and easy to read, also the remote start button is so easy to press. Overall, it’s an excellent system – very capable and expandable.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Viper 5902:

This is a great, very functional alarm. I bought this alarm for my wife’s SUV and I installed it myself. It has great range, lots of possible add on sensors, and really cool remotes that tell you all sorts of useful stuff. I’ve only had DEI alarms on my own cars (7 cars now) and installed them on the majority of those and have never had ANY problems with them and have never had a car broken in to as of yet. Knock on wood. :) (Justin B)

Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here

How to share remote car starter reviews with friends

Since you have done intensive research on remote car starters, you can actually share these remote car starter reviews with your friends. Most of the websites nowadays have very convenient function to share the content inside each page to link to email, blog, social networks and even cell phone. By clicking a single button beside the content you can easily share the reviews with your friends or people you know who need this information. So your efforts will benefit more people to make them make wiser decisions when you buy a remote car starter.

Video demostration of remote car starter reviews

So far I only suggest one format of remote car starter reviews that is in the form of words or articles. There are actually many other types of reviews such as demostration in the video to show people how they feel about the products they own. Through videos, the pros and cons of the particular product can be described more concretely.

So, next time if your have some specific questions regarding remote car starters that still can’t get answered after you read online reviews. You might want to do some search in the video sharing sites like Youtube to get more tangible and specific answers.

Read the remote car starter reviews then what?

After reading the remote car starter reviews you probably will have very good idea about what type or brand of remote car starter you will purchase. But some people will have more questions after the reviews. Usually these questions are very specific questions like detailed technical questions that someone just has to ask.

Normally this kind of question you can ask on the online answer sites such as yahoo answers. I am sure someone will comup with amswers to your question. Although this knid of case is quite rare but still many people have their specific needs that regular remote car starter reviews don’t offer.

Viper 5901 Review

Overall Rating

Viper 5901

Available on Amazon for $224 here.

Viper 5901The Viper 5901 Responder LC3 lets you command and monitor your vehicle like never before. Features like SST One Mile Range, larger liquid-crystal display, priority icons, and Priority(TM) User Interface make it useful and efficient.

The Viper 5901 Responder LC3 comes with one 2-Way LC3 SST one mile range remote and a companion 1-way long range remote as well as combines New Technology Platform features.

Get an immediate 54% discount on Amazon for these remote car starters – Click on this link to take advantage of this discount!

The Viper 5901 Responder LC3 does everything it says, including working from a mile a way! Love the product. Amazing range, and no one can beat this price!!!

Here are some great features of the Viper 5901:

Never had a remote starter before getting the Viper 5901 Responder LC3 and now I’m hooked. Would and have recommended this system to friends.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Viper 5901:

I don’t know where to start with this it has so many cool features! I love that this can open and close power windows. The remote start is simply amazing I’m an xray tech and work in a room with all lead walls in the back of a building. Amazing product and I highly recommend it! (Jason B)

Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here

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