Remote Car Starter Reviews – What to look for

Remote Car Starter Reviews Are Helpful

Remote car starter reviews will give you information about remote car starters, which can have a variety of features. These features can be as simple as activating the ignition, and many systems will include much more advanced features such as locating the vehicle by relaying it’s GPS position to the remote. Remote car starter reviews will usually list features of the system as well as vehicle makes and models that the system works for.

Remote Car Starter Reviews

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Reading Remote Car Starter Reviews

It is helpful to find remote car starter reviews that include the experiences of the users of the particular model. The most simple system will have a car key remote that is only a transmitter, which means that if you cannot see the car from where you press the button, you may not be able to tell if the car has actually started, or if the signal was blocked. By contrast, a 2 way car starter has a remote that is not only a transmitter, but also a receiver. When issuing a command to the car, the car key remote will usually blink or chirp to confirm that the command was run properly. Remote car starter reviews on 2 way car starters will include some of the following features: readout of interior temperature, readout of battery voltage, readout of door condition (open / closed / locked / unlocked), shock sensor alert, readout of hood condition (open / closed), LCD display, signal encryption, extended range, timed start, and more features are being developed all the time.

Remote Car Starter Reviews – More You Need to Know

If you have a factory security system equipped in your car, do not fool yourself into thinking that this keeps your property safe. Many car thieves today have experience defeating factory systems because they have become commonplace. Break a window, pop the hood, cut a wire, splice another, and 30 seconds later the horn is silent and they are free to search the car for your laptop and other electronics. More sophisticated thieves can use scanners to lift the codes used by simple factory systems and then disarm the vehicle at a later date. Most current professional grade 2 way car starters use a layer of encryption on their signals that make scanning for codes less useful. Anyways, check more remote car starter reviews and user experiences before buying is the best way to ensure your get the best one.

Choose Systems That Can Connect to Your Cell Phone

Many remote car starter reviews mention some systems now offer innovative options such as the Viper Remote Starter App for Blackberry. This application interfaces with a module that either connects to an existing Viper system or as standalone unit. The Viper Remote Starter gives the same security as a 2 way car starter, and adds several features such as being able to give you a text message if the alarm is triggered. This system allows keyless entry for car, as well as trunk release and vehicle finder, which remembers the location that you park every time that you lock the vehicle. Viper Remote Starter App for Blackberry also allows for the management of multiple vehicles and drivers, so that you could grant access to another person for a limited time, or have several of your cars controlled by your Blackberry. Viper is not the only company to offer this type of 2 way car starter, so be sure to check remote car starter reviews when you decide to purchase a system.

See If Manufacturers Offer Support In Remote Car Starter Reviews

When considering remote car starter reviews, it is important to discover if the system is intended for the owner to install, or if it will require you to take your vehicle to the dealership or mechanic. Very often, a system manufacturer will not give support to an end user if the system was not installed by a licensed professional. When judging remote car starter reviews, it is also important to consider this fact as well. The modern vehicle is electronic and computer controlled more than ever, and by adding a new piece of hardware (like a remote car starter or other alarm systems for cars) that sometimes “bugs” can be introduced, and in a bad case, this can not only lead to improper function of the system, but could leave you with a dead battery or compromise the safety of the important systems of the vehicle such as Anti-Lock Brakes, airbags and the like.

Who’s Reviewing Is Also Important

When reading remote car starter reviews, take careful attention to who is writing and publishing the review. An automotive magazine is not likely to give a bad review to a product from a company that is one of their main advertisers, or may not review any products that score higher. In today’s world, using Google is a good way to find information about anything. If a remote car starter is a bad product, it will be hard for a company to hide that in the world of blogs and social networking sites.

Remote Car Starter Reviews Mostly on Price and Features

Remote car starter reviews often base their comparison on price and features. Some of the listed features that you may find in remote car starter reviews are: lock / arm alarm, unlock / disarm alarm, remote car start, trunk release, panic / car finder, 2 way key remote, anti-grind, manual transmission safe, alarm notification, LCD display, signal encryption, extended range, timed start, cycled run (run for X minutes every hour), “keep it running” mode (leaves the car on for up to a particular period of time after you exit). When considering remote car starter reviews, what ultimately matters most is which features will be used by you, and if the model you select fits your needs.

An often overlooked source for remote car starter reviews is to investigate reports about the company’s that make the product. If a company makes other good products that last well and work great, then chances are good that even if you have problems with your particular model, then the company is much more likely to service your issue. Remember that a remote car starter is a superb convenience in cold climates, because you are able to warm the engine and defrost the windows from the comfort of the indoors, and is a convenience in hot climates as well. Research the manufacturer well, check out remote car starter reviews, and you will enjoy the safety and convenience of your remote car starter for many years.

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