AVITAL 5303 Review

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Available on Amazon for $115.99 here.

AVITAL 5303The AVITAL 5303 is a 2-way Security/Remote Start System with directed Avital LCD to show you clearly what happen to your car.

D2D & LCD & 4-button transmitter features make the AVITAL 5303 the best choice to secure and remotely start your car.

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The AVITAL 5303 comes with 2 controls just in case something happens and the other one can be used right away.

Here are some great features of the AVITAL 5303:

The AVITAL 5303 car alarm and remote start system is a great product. All in all very satisfied.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the AVITAL 5303:

I apprehensively bought this unit simply because it was over $100 cheaper than buying it in store AND I didn’t have to pay shipping or tax. The unit is now hooked up and works like a charm. The screen is great and the range is everything I wanted. I couldn’t be more delighted. (Tamara)

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